MapNet: a FrameNet to WordNet Mapping

From this page you can download MapNet v.0.1 (28th May 2009)

The resource

All frames and lexical units included in the resource are described in FrameNet v. 1.3 (

All synsets refer to WordNet ( version 1.6, compatible with MultiWordNet (

Terms of use:

This resource is free only for non-commercial use only. It must not be re-packaged or re-distributed without prior permission of the authors. The authors are not responsible for improper uses of the resource by others.

If you compare against, use or integrate this resource in your research work, you should cite:

Address = {Boulder, CO, USA},
Author = {Sara Tonelli and Daniele Pighin},  
Booktitle = {Proceedings of the Thirteenth Conference on
Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL'09)},
Title = {New Features for FrameNet - WordNet Mapping},
Year = {2009}

If you find bugs or you have problems with using this resource, please contact the authors via email:

  • Sara Tonelli <satonelli [at] fbk [dot] eu>
  • Daniele Pighin <daniele [dot] pighin [at] gmail [dot] com>


The resource was automatically generated.  The evaluated precision of the mapping 0.794.

For details about the mapping methodology see this paper:

Sara Tonelli and Daniele Pighin. New Features for FrameNet - WordNet Mapping.
In CoNLL'09: Thirteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning.
Boulder, CO, USA, (June 2009)

Contents of the download package

  • file 'README': a copy of this information.
  • file 'mapping_frame_synsets.txt':
    mapping between FrameNet frames and WordNet synsets (5,162 mappings).
  • file 'mapping_lus_synsets.txt':
    mapping between FrameNet frames, lus and WordNet synsets (5,162 mappings).

Click HERE to download the package. Check the page for future versions of the resource, we are improving the features!!!

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